17mm Diameter 18mm Length Brushelss Coreless DC Motor 1718


17mm micro brushless coreless motor,Kegumotor provide 17mm Diameter 18mm Length 12V Brushelss Coreless Motor Model 1718 data sheet and specification, motor Voltage, Rated torque, Speed, Current, Power and Shaft size can be customized as requ...

17mm Diameter 18mm Length 12V Brushelss DC Coreless Motor Model 1718RB

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  • Motor type: PMDC Brushless coreless motor
  • Motor housing (D*F* L): Φ17*18.2mm
  • Housing material: SECD-O
  • Shaft (diameter): 1mm SUS304 steel (nickel coating)
  • Way of commutation: Brushless
  • Structure: 2-pole stator and hollow cup type
  • Magnet type: Nd-Fe-B
  • Rotation: CW/CCW and reversible
  • Weight: 21g(approx)
Motor Name
17mm brushless coreless motor
Typical Application
Medical equipment、
Home appliance、
Industrial automation
Nominal voltage
No load current
Stall torque
86 g.cm

Specification of the High Torque 1718 Series Brushless Coreless DC Motor

1718rb 17mm Series Brushless Coreless DC Motor Dimensions

This 1718 Series brushless coreless motor is small ,light, precision, reliable control and delicately operate, which can offer high torque and speed for tattoo equipment and medical equipment.

                Small vibration offering the best tattoo experience for customer.

                Reliable and stable with long lifetime.

                100% complete inspection of the materials after we get from our suppliers and products before ex-factory to ensure the quality for our customer.

                The perfect substitute for European motors which can save lots of time and cost for our customer.

80% of coreless motors are customized. At present, the core key materials and components are still imported. KEGU MOTOR provide domestic customers to use international brand quality coreless motors with a higher performance, and continue to improve their product series . Prepare inventory according to plan, independently produce and process customized parts, so that the quality standards and process technology are consistent with the Swiss Maxon.
Custom specification is also available for us.
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