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If you want to buy coreless DC motors of factory quality, this is the right place. Kegumotor provides precision microdrive, high efficiency, cost-effective micro coreless motors.

All of our coreless dc motors are in the following table, most customers can find the suitable ones from it, and then contact us by email for a quotation. Your inquiry will be response in 8 hours. 

Buy coreless dc electric motor of key features: 

Coreless motors are classified as DC micro motors. It has outstanding energy saving and stable operation characteristics.

Order Micro Coreless Motors Online

How many size mm of coreless motor your factory is manufacturing?

As the professional manufacture of Coreless Motor Hollow Cup Motor, we most make various motors according to customer’s sample or their engineering specification. Every parameter can be custom by our factory.

According to its application on different products, the size changes. These size is most used but we have much more for your choice:

4mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/13mm/15mm/16mm/17mm/18mm/19mm/20mm/22mm/26mm/28mm/30mm/32mm/35mm/38mm/40mm kinds size Coreless Motor Hollow Cup Motor DC Brushless Motor

4mm coreless motor, 6mm Coreless Motor, 7mm Coreless Motor, 8mm Coreless Motor, 10mm Coreless Motor, 12mm Coreless Motor,13mm Coreless Motor,15mm Coreless Motor, 16mm Coreless Motor, 17mm Coreless Motor, 18mm Coreless Motor, 19mm Coreless Motor, 20mm Coreless Motor,21mm Coreless Motor,  22mm Coreless Motor,24mm Coreless Motor,25mm Coreless Motor,   26mm Coreless Motor,28mm Coreless Motor,30mm Coreless Motor, 32mm Coreless Motor, 35mm Coreless Motor,  38mm Coreless Motor,Small Coreless Motor, 40mm Coreless Motor,50mm Coreless Motor, 65mm Coreless Motor, 

1220 brushless coreless motor,1515rb brushless coreless motor,1715rb brushless coreless motor,1718rb brushless coreless motor ,1722rb brushless coreless motor ,1625rb brushless coreless motor ,1636rb brushless coreless motor,2232rb brushless coreless motor,2238rb brushless coreless motor,2447rb brushless coreless motor,2854rb brushless coreless motor,3270rb brushless coreless motor,3670rb brushless coreless motor,4088rb brushless coreless motor,corelessmotor,slotless motor,brushless coreless motor .

Brushed coreless motor,0408 coreless motor,0412 coreless motor,0610 coreless motor,0612 coreless motor,0614 coreless motor,0615 coreless motor,0616 coreless motor,0617 coreless motor,0710 coreless motor,0712 coreless motor,0714 coreless motor,0716 coreless motor,0720 coreless motor,0816 coreless motor,0820 coreless motor,08516 coreless motor,08520 coreless motor,08523 coreless motor,1013 coreless motor,1015 coreless motor,1018 coreless motor,1020 coreless motor,1025 coreless motor,1213 coreless motor,1215 coreless motor, 1215r coreless motor,1218 coreless motor, 1220r coreless motor,1221 coreless motor, 1228 coreless motor, 1232 coreless motor,1320 coreless motor,1330 coreless motor,1331 coreless motor,1332r coreless motor,1334 coreless motor,1434 coreless motor,1436 coreless motor,1515r coreless motor,1520 coreless motor,1524 coreless motor,1525 coreless motor,1620r coreless motor,1625r coreless motor ,1626 coreless motor,1630 coreless motor,1640 coreless motor,1715r coreless motor,1715rb coreless motor ,1718r coreless motor ,1718rb coreless motor ,1722r coreless motor,1725r coreless motor,1821 coreless motor,1827 coreless motor, 1925 coreless motor, 1928 coreless motor,1931 coreless motor,1934 coreless motor,2016r coreless motor,2025 coreless motor, 2030 coreless motor,2129 coreless motor,2132 coreless motor,2225r coreless motor, 2230 coreless motor,2232r coreless motor,2234r coreless motor,2238 coreless motor,2247 coreless motor,2425 coreless motor,2430 coreless motor,2432 coreless motor,2545 coreless motor,2555 coreless motor,2607 coreless motor,2610 coreless motor,2645 coreless motor,2657 coreless motor,2830 coreless motor,2857 coreless motor,3068 coreless motor,3261 coreless motor,3263 coreless motor,3265r coreless motor,3272 coreless motor,3553r coreless motor,3570 coreless motor,3571 coreless motor,4070r coreless motor,50108 coreless motor,65131 coreless motor,

While for the applicated products, these are most used our coreless motor, of course, we have much more for other products too:

micro motor for electric toothbrush

DC Motor for Tiny Cars

Coreless Linear Motor

Vibrator Motor

Coreless Stepper Motor

Mini Drone Motor

Coreless Motor for Testing Machine

Coreless Motor for Copy Machine

Outer Rotor Motor

Automobile Tail Gate Coreless Motor

Coreless Motor for Electric Power Tool

Coreless Planetary Gear Motor

Gear Motor for Robotic

Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Coreless motor for Inventory Controlling Machine

Coreless Motor for Jucie Mixer

Coreless Brush Motor

Coreless Motor with Gearbox

coreless gear motor for health care electronics

coreless gear motor for electronic locks

Torque Coreless Motors

Coreless Motor with Small Reduction Gearbox

Miniature Gear Head Motor

Coreless Driving Motor 

Coreless Graphite Motor

Bldc Coreless Motor



Kitchen Hood Motor

Gear Motor
Fan Motor

Refrigerator Motor

Hair Dryer Motor

Blender Motor

Mixer Motor

Shade Pole Motor

AC Gear Motor

DC Gear Motor

Worm Gearbox

Helical Gear Motor

AC Motor
Stepper Gearmotor

Vibrating Motor


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