What are the requirements for precision in precision gear pr

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The manufacturing accuracy of precision gear processing plants directly affects the working performance, load-bearing capacity, noise and service life of the machine. Therefore, according to the use requirements of gears, four precision requirements are put forward for gear transmission.


① Reasonability of transmission backlash:

   It is required to leave a certain amount of backlash between the non-working tooth surfaces of the meshing gear teeth, which is convenient for storing lubricating oil, compensating for elastic deformation and thermal deformation, and manufacturing and installation errors of gears.


②The uniformity of load distribution:

  It is required that the tooth surface contact is good when the gear is working, and a certain contact area and a contact position that meets the requirements are ensured to ensure uniform load distribution. The stress concentration on the tooth surface will not cause premature wear of the tooth surface, thereby reducing the service life.



③The smoothness of the transmission movement:

   That is, it is required that the large rotation angle error of the gear in one tooth rotation angle is within the specified range. Make the change of the instantaneous transmission ratio of the gear pair small to ensure the smoothness of the transmission and reduce vibration, impact and noise.


④The accuracy of the transmission movement:

  That is, it is required that the angle error of the gear in one revolution does not exceed a certain range. Make the gear pair transmission ratio change small to ensure the accuracy of the transmission movement.


   The gear transmission device processed by the precision gear factory is a transmission mechanism composed of multiple gears. Using the gear meshing principle, the speed of the prime mover is converted to the required speed and the corresponding torque is obtained. Gear transmission is an important basic part of mechanical equipment, so it determines its irreplaceability in the field of general mechanical equipment. The original gear has a long service life and compact structure; its safety, reliability, and superior cost-effective characteristics reflect this.

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